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How to Rewire a Car Stereo From Scratch

How to Rewire a Car Stereo From Scratch

So you just spent days picking out the perfect car stereo to replace the piece of crap the previous owner had in there.  It finally ships to your house and you’re stoked to get it installed.  You pull out the old head unit and you’re faced with a nasty patch work of...

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Car Audio

Get the inside scoop on purchasing and installing everything from a basic stereo upgrade to full-blown, multi-amplifier systems.

Mobile Video

From in-dash screens to back seat entertainment to flat screen TV’s in the back of a semi truck.  I’ve installed a variety of systems in all kinds of vehicles.

Remote Start and Security

Technical, challenging, and sometimes a bit frustrating.  These are some of my favorite installs to perform and I’d love to share what I know with you.

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